Estonian girls

Two blonde Estonian girls

Estonian girls are some of the prettiest in the world, they’re also intelligent etc etc … but before we go on we want to explain something to you and we’ll do it with the help of a dialog:

Man: You Estonian girls are so pretty
Girl: I’m not Estonian, I’m Russian
Man: Ah ok, how long are you here for?
Girl (looking puzzled): Sorry? I live here
Man: But you said you’re Russian? When did you move here?
Girl: Yes I am Russian … I was born here
Man: Errr … so do you have an Estonian passport
Girl: Yes, but that doesn’t make me Estonian
Man: WTF??

Large numbers of people in Estonia are descendents of Russian migrants who moved there during the Soviet Union. They look Russian, speak Russian, behave like Russians and consider themselves to be Russian. We’re telling you this because there’s a very good chance you could hook up with a Russian girl and you are absolutely guaranteed to bomb if you question her “Russian-ness”. The same applies to Estonian girls … THEY SPEAK ESTONIAN, NOT RUSSIAN (although they probably also speak Russian) … don’t try to flatter them with your Russian phrases, the results will be disastrous. So this leads to a very obvious question:

How do you know if a girl is Russian or Estonian?

The safest option is just to ask … you’re unlikely to cause offense and it can be a good opening line but if you want a challenge here are some tips:

  1. Language – You may not recognise Estonian but you will certainly recognise Russian .. and we can tell you that Estonian sounds nothing like Russian (it sounds a bit like finnish or another Scandinavian language)
  2. Looks – Estonians look beautiful, Russians look stunning. If she looks like she’s just spent 30 grand with a top cosmetic surgeon she’s probably Russian … and she probably hasn’t spent a cent
  3. Fashion – Estonians are more likely to be casually dressed and are much more likely to wear trousers. The unofficial national dress for all Estonian girls is tight jeans and boots. Estonian girls looks classy. Russian girls go for short (very short) dresses and can never be accused of being underdressed
  4. Volume – Russian girls are loud party animals, Estonians are much more reserved. If you can hear her, she’s probably Russian
  5. Size – We’re going to risk some abuse here, but in recent years the Estonian girls seem to have put on a few pounds. It seems the Russians haven’t caught up yet … probably because they live solely on a diet of sushi
Estonian vs Russian girls

Maybe you’re wondering where to focus your efforts? Here are a few pointers:

  1. Age – Russian girls like older men, Estonian girls like younger men. It’s a bit of a generalisation but from our experience there’s a good chance you’ll be hit on by a 40+ Estonian cougar and a 19 year old Russian during the same night!
  2. Conversation – Estonian girls will talk about art, history, music … maybe even politics. Russian girls will talk about Gucci, Versace, Louis Vitton … and about how you’re going to buy them for her!
  3. Approachability – Estonians are very guarded and generally wary of strangers. Russians however are your best friends. Striking up conversation with a Russian girl is ridiculously easy.
  4. Drinks – Russians will accept a drink, Estonians will generally buy their own (see below)
  5. English – Russians speak some English, Estonians speak fluent English. Seriously we’ve yet to meet an Estonian girl who does not speak fluent English

Some tips for dealing with Estonian girls

  1. Don’t question their intellect – For some reason Estonian girls are a bit insecure. They’ll be keen to tell you about their achievements at university and in life in general. Telling jokes about dumb blonde’s will not go down at all well.
  2. Learn a little about Estonia and speak some Estonian – 90% of foreign men know nothing about the country so you’ll have an immediate head start if you know a bit about the history. Even a few words of Estonian will work wonders.
  3. Estonians are northern Europeans – ok we know that Estonian is in the north-east of Europe and it shares a border with Russia, but Estonians prefer to focus on their proximity to Scandinavia. Don’t make comments about “you eastern europeans” because it won’t go down at all well. To be fair ethnic Estonians share ancestry with Scandinavia and Germany, but we can’t help thinking that the insecurity creeps in here as well – Estonians are like the rich civilized Sweedes; not the poor, primative Poles and Romaninans (We don’t actually think this about the Poles and Romanians btw!!)
  4. They buy their own drinks – Don’t be put off if you offer to buy a girl a drink and she declines and chooses to buy her own. In the UK or US it would be a sure sign that you’ve bombed but here it means nothing. It’s probably a sign of independence, by buying her own drink she’s telling you that you’re equals and she owes you nothing.
  5. Play the long game – It’s not unusual for an Estonian girl to talk to you for a while, then disappear with her friends, only to come back to find you later. Don’t think that just because she’s walked away all bets are off.

Popular night time venues to meet Estonian girls

  1. Club Hollywood
  2. Prive
  3. Hell Hunt

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